Human Origamifrom Movement to Art

Glenna Batson, Movement Muse

Jude Casseday, Soundscapes

THE CARRACK ART GALLERY – 111 West Parish Street – Downtown Durham

Sunday March 27th

2-4:30 pm            $15 or love donation

Folds – both in nature and in art – inform us about surface, depth and texture. This workshop offers an experience in the mysteries of body folding as inspiration for making art. Folds speak of the paradoxes between boundaries and limitlessness. Folding shapes us from conception into old age. It is our biological history of becoming, one that reveals our potential to create, morph, and evolve – one of many concepts that spills over into art making.

Steph 1In the first segment of the class, Glenna will guide you through a moving meditation towards a deeper sense of embodiment. You’ll improvise on simple variations on simple themes of body folding. Jude will create a soundscape that also will feed the moving imagination. From this immersive field of embodied awareness, we’ll harvest the fruits of our imagination and indulge in art making of choice – drawing/painting, paper sculpture, choreography, music/sound, writing, whatever! We’ll have a big roll of paper on hand and some drawing implements. Please also bring your notebooks or materials of choice, and the willingness to sustain your focus as you fall through the rabbit hole into a world of creativity.

Glenna Batson is an independent movement educator with nearly four decades of teaching experience in somatically informed movement education. At 67 years young, she remains inspired by many inroads to embodied knowledge – contemplative to expressive, artistic to scientific. She lives in Durham.

Jude Casseday

With over thirty years experience in theatre and music arts, Jude Casseday (sound artist/musician) offers soundscapes and music for parties, gatherings, film and dance. Jude writes about her life and work in the blog “Jude’s Soundlings (did you hear that?)” at Examples of her sound work can be found at


Photos by multi-media artist and dancer Susan Sentler.


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