Stretch without Strain

Saturday, 20th of January 2018

2:30 – 4:30 pm

The McAuley Place

Get ready for a fit new year with this workshop on stretching!Learn to stretch mindfully and painlessly in a group class led by Glenna Batson.  The workshop will address three fundamental questions essential to designing your own effective approach to stretching:

  1. Does stretching always have to be painful?
  2. How can I be sure I am doing the exercises correctly?
  3. How few stretches do I need to benefit my whole body?*

 **If you missed December’s class, join now!

Newcomers and repeater participants welcome!

Glenna will draw from her many years of experience in the art and science of self-care. You’ll learn a number of tips from the Alexander Technique on how to gain the maximal pleasure out of a stretch. Best of all, Glenna will show you how to lengthen your whole body with only four (4) stretches. Whether on the floor or in a chair, the tips are so easy to remember, you can still benefit from home practice.

Fee: 15 Euros cash only. Pay at the door

Please bring a yoga- or exercise mat & 2 small towels.

TO BOOK: please call/text to (0)85 2549010, or email 

PLEASE NOTE: this class is not a substitute for any prescribed (medical) rehabilitation programme or condition that needs medical care.

TUTOR: Glenna Batson is a doctor of science (physiotherapy) with 4 decades of experience in mind-body disciplines and dance. A senior herself, Glenna specialises in educating the public in how to live life more fully and enjoyable through mindfulness in action. Glenna is a certified Alexander Technique teacher, teaching worldwise since 1989. She is a member of the Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers ISATT




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