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My new fall classes and workshops in Ireland will be posted in January – stay tuned! But there’s still time for the last workshop at the McAuley Place, a vibrant retirement community center in the town of Naas. I taught a series of classes called Body and Mind in Balance – The Alexander Technique.  My last workshop is scheduled for Saturday, December 16th, Stretch Without Strain – the Alexander Technique WayIt will be my last workshop of the fall season.

Come join me and soundscape artist Jude Casseday for our last workshop in HUMAN ORIGAMI – the somatic art of bodily folding. The workshop is free and will take place on  Wednesday, December 6th from 12-2 pm American Dance Festival Studios on Broad Street in Durham.

In November, I was pleased to offer a webinar for LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore, entitled, The Fold: An Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research. The Skype was across 13 time zones to Asia, and I needed to be well awake to begin talking at 5 am in the morning.  The talk featured my journey in developing human origami as an improvisational somatic movement practice and my collaborations with dance colleague and multimedia artist Susan Sentler. Susan teaches at LASALLE and has taken the concept of human origami into gallery installations, fashion design and animation. Learn more about Susan’s work with Human Origami on our website.

Susan and I co-authored an article based on our practice research comparing visual and kinesthetic imagery as prompts for movement improvisation. Our article How visual and kinaesthetic imagery shape movement improvisation: A pilot study, will be published in the December issue of Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices.

In October, I spent a wonderful weekend teaching for the Alexander Technique society in Copenhagen, Denmark, a place I  had never been, and one well worth revisiting for its beautiful canals and the sense of stability and peace. The teachers were so engaged. Their questions and their work went deep, one feature of a highly socialized society.

I am now part ofThe Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers has 40 members (a sizable number for a country of 4 million).  See my Alexander Technique teaching page.   In September, I taught for the teachers at their annual AGM at the Renvyle House Hotel, a retreat centre off the west coast along the Wild Atlantic Way – breathtaking views of an untainted natural world.

The Alexander Technique has a strong presence here, thanks to the Alexander Technique Centre in Galway,  a welcoming place to trainees and teachers worldwide. I taught at the Centre’s training school the last week of September.

I’m delighted that my article Human Origami – the Embryo as a Folding Life Continuum is now published in the debut issue of The International Journal of Prenatal and Life Sciences, a phenomenological and anthroposophical perspective on human development. The Journal is the publishing voice of Cosmoanelixis, an institute in Greece dedicated to higher education in human development with a more embodied perspective.












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