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I recently returned from Bodily Undoing: Somatic Activism and Performance Cultures as Practices of Critique at Bath Spa University in mid-September. The symposium was initiated and hosted by Bath Spa Senior Lecturer Dr. Thomas Kampe, multifaceted and visionary professor of dance/movement and Somatics and overall connector of all things somatic. At the heart of the symposium was the passion to articulate and debate a diverse range of topics problems and approaches towards critical practice within the extended field of Somatic Activism. I gave the opening welcome, which set the context and tone for the symposium. I focused on the importance of Somatic practices in addressing socioeconomic and political problems in global societies today. The symposium received strong endorsement from various university notables. To quote Dr. Katy Rigby, Director of Bath Spa’s Research Centre for Environmental Humanities:  The extent of the problems we face today require ‘more than facts and figures, science and technology, economics and politics: it demands also alternative flights of imagination, more inclusive ecologies of emotion, new ways of bodily being and becoming-with-others.’

The Symposium brought us together in many ways and everyone looks forward to the next phase as both our theories and practices evolve.

On September 22nd, I’m pleased to be joining one of 20 women over 50 in The Emily Project, an evening of movement and text to the poems of Emily Dickinson at the CoisCeim Dance Theatre in Dublin. The performance (or actually, 4 performances in a row!) are  part of Dublin’s fabulous Culture Night 2017.  Dublin rocks!! This year’s Culture Night features over 300 venues and 600 events.  The Emily Project is the creative collaboration between dancer Philippa Donnelson and actor Noelle Brown, who work with Cois Ceim’s Broad Reach project, extending the arts to the community.

My Alexander Technique teaching page is up! I am now part ofThe Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers has 40 members (a sizeable number for a country of 4 million). The group is very connected and engaged throughout the country (ISATT). The Alexander Technique has a strong presence here, thanks to the Alexander Technique Centre in Galway, the epicenter of Alexander training in Ireland and a welcoming place to trainees and teachers worldwide.  I will be teaching at the Centre’s training school, the last week of September.

I’m delighted that my article Human Origami – the Embryo as a Folding Life Continuum is now published in the debut issue of The International Journal of Prenatal and Life Sciences, a phenomenological and anthroposophical perspective on human development. The Journal is the publishing voice of Cosmoanelixis, an institute in Greece dedicated to higher education in human development with a more embodied perspective.












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