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I’m in England and Ireland to study and work through June 2017. April 28th I join Tango dancer Adriana Pegorer in her workshop series, Stiletto Detox, caring for your feet & body while in heels. Bookings


Dance and Somatics are thriving in Ireland. Throughout May, I’ll be teaching a new class Alexander Technique in Motion at the Dublin DanceHouse.



The 2nd International meeting of Alexander Technique teachers in Dublin was fantastic! A wonderful group of teacher came together from Europe, Japan, the US, South America, to learn from one another. Teachers included Trisha Hemingway from Exeter, UK, and her poised approach to challenging balance on the balance board, Wolfgang Weiser for more play on the high wire, MacDonald teachers Yehudi Kuperman and Giora Pincas, Anthony Kingsley from the Alexander Studio in London, US maverick teacher Tommy Thompson, archivist-scientist Jeando Masoero, futurist Niall Kelly, and me!  Swedish qi gong teacher Barbro Olssen offered morning lessons in qi gong, and Dutch teacher Francien Schoonens offered Zen Stretching as another morning wakeup option. An embarrassment of riches all around!! There were wonderful evening talks, interspersed with local music/dance talent evenings that kept our energy going through the evenings.  Film producer and AT teacher Tomas Hardiman, showed his stunning documentary on Ivor Browne. What a time!! Thanks to Richard Brennan for holding it all together.

Roehampton University – Staking a Claim for Dance in the 21st Century

As if the Dublin Convention wasn’t enough, the conference at Roehampton University in London, April 19-22nd, was a superb engagement of dance practitioner/teachers from higher education. The sessions revealed in-depth scholarship that wove theory and practice together in facing the challenges of today’s globalized sociocultural/political and economic polycrisis. Today our humanity and the planet is at risk of dissolution and dance endeavors to meet these problems in unique ways. I presented with dancer/Feldenkrais practitioner Thomas Kampe (from Bath Spa University). Our topic: Somatics as an Emancipatory Pedagogy. 


In November 2016, Les Grand Ballets scarfCanadiens sponsored an ambitious conference, First Symposium on Dance and Wellbeing. This conference featured a spectacular gathering of dancers, dance therapists and scientists devoted to launching an ambitious initiative, a Centre National de Danse-Therapie. Conference attendees converged around the topic of dance for people with physical and mental challenges. I was honored to give the keynote, Who’s afraid of dance – or science? The talk addressed how dance promotes agency – a concept that bridges across many disciplines, both theoretical and practical.





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