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New & Noteworthy… at the dawn of 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, I reflect on the events that shaped my year. Sadly, I lost both my brother, Jon, my only sibling, and my father, Cliff. The world is not quite the same without them, and it was the final goodbye to my nuclear family. My husband Pat I have been spending a number of months living in Newbridge, Ireland, a good sized town outside of Dublin. We were fortunate to spend the holidays with Pat’s large and extended family. It was my first Irish Christmas and Pat’s first holiday visit in 35 years!

In December, I enjoyed the robust participation at my last workshop of the year  Stretch without Strain. Designed to bring seniors into the ease of stretching the Alexander Technique way, the workshop was held at McAuley Place, a vibrant retirement community center in the town of Naas.

I’ll be repeating Stretch without Strain on January 20th for newcomers and anyone who wishes to repeat it. There’s always something to learn.  Book here.

My first Irish workshop in HUMAN ORIGAMI is planned for early February at the CosCeim Dance Theatre in Dublin.Human Origami is an exploration through movement into the mysteries of body folding. The guided process draws from embryology and invites movers into transformational consciousness – finding new spaces, places, and movements never imagined. STAY TUNED!

CosCeim is where, in September, I performed with 20 seasoned women in Emilya multimedia evening set around the poems of American poet Emily Dickinson. This was a highlight of my fall. A haunting evening of dance, text, and music. I found myself folding ordinary packing paper into strange twisted torsos, reminiscent of Dickinson’s poem After Great Pain 

In November, I was pleased to offer a webinar for LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore, entitled, The Fold: An Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research. The Skype was across 13 time zones to Asia, and I needed to be well awake to begin talking at 5 am in the morning.  The talk featured my journey in developing human origami as an improvisational somatic movement practice and my collaborations with dance colleague and multimedia artist Susan Sentler. Susan teaches at LASALLE and has taken the concept of human origami into gallery installations, fashion design and animation. Learn more about Susan’s work with Human Origami on our website.  Susan and I have collaborated since 2013 on a variety of projects from ethics-approved studies on improvisation to poster presentations.

Our latest publication of practice-based research study compared visual and kinesthetic imagery as prompts for movement improvisation:  How visual and kinaesthetic imagery shape movement improvisation: A pilot study, has been published in the December 2017 issue of Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices.

I am now part ofThe Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers has 40 members (a sizable number for a country of 4 million).  See my Alexander Technique teaching page.

I’m delighted that my article Human Origami – the Embryo as a Folding Life Continuum is now published in the debut issue of The International Journal of Prenatal and Life Sciences, a phenomenological and anthroposophical perspective on human development. The Journal is the publishing voice of Cosmoanelixis, an institute in Greece dedicated to higher education in human development with a more embodied perspective.












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