Human Origami

 movement improvisation inspired by bodily folding

Glenna Batson, Movement Muse  &                Jude Casseday, Soundscape Artist

Some of the most exciting work I’ve created lately revolves around movement and sound improvisation. Working with soundscape artist Jude Casseday, we have discovered a range of ways that folding is possible – within the body and within time-space and sound vibrations.

Listen to this clip to enjoy  clip of a recent collaboration.


Human Origami is a somatic journey into folding – the folding of both body and sound.  Folding is basic to human embodiment, an archive of our biological development and a record of our life’s movement profile. Classes are designed to awaken a range of sensibilities to the dynamics of the folding body. Somatic muse Glenna provides a loose structure of verbal prompts as entry into an immersive process of movement improvisation. Soundscape artist Jude plays several composed scores of folded sound inspired by her collaborations with Human Origami. The playing field of folding of both body and sound will boost your creativity and movement potential. We may also play with large sheets of newsprint, another powerful partner in the process.

Glenna Batson is an independent movement educator with nearly four decades of teaching experience in somatically informed movement education. At 69 years young, she remains inspired by many inroads to embodied knowledge – contemplative to expressive, artistic to scientific.

Jude Casseday  With over thirty years of experience in theatre and music arts, Jude Casseday (sound artist/musician) offers soundscapes and music for parties, gatherings, film and dance. Jude writes about her life and work in the blog “Jude’s Soundlings (did you hear that?)” at Examples of her sound work can be found at

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