The Space Between

SScapes – The Space Between


1.             Soundscapes – The Idiosyncratic Beats of DeJacusse  – original music by Jude Casseday

2.            Invocation – Conceived & danced by Glenna Batson. Music by Gavin Bryars             based on a 14th century Italian song praising all things celestial and terrestrial.           

3.             Nothing Can Be Done (Comes Love) – Based on the jazz standard Comes Love,             arranged and sung by Jude Casseday with Shana Adams.  Jude writes: This piece   expresses two aspects of overwhelming love: powerless longing for another and   blissful surrender to the One.

4.            The Space Between You & Me – Story The Passing and Movement by Jody  Cassell, Vocal accompaniment by Shana Adams, Film Director/Editor Alex   Maness; Producer: Erica Rothman Nightlight Productions, LLC. Jody writes: This piece explores one of the two influential forces in my life.

5.             Stitch – Dance choreographed and performed by Leah Wilks, original score  by Will Ridenour. Stitch: Noun. One complete movement of a threaded needle  through a fabric or material such as to leave behind a single loop…A sudden sharp pain. Verb To mend or repair. in stitches Informal Laughing uncontrollably.

6.             I Want Jesus to Walk with Me – Spiritual  – Tony Johnson with Shana Adams.  Tony writes: I dedicate this piece to my dear friend John Craver and his parents Mr. & Mrs. Rhodes & Ann Craver, with much love, grace, gratitude & affection.

7.            The Space Between Me & You – This companion piece by Jody Cassell explores the other influential force in Jody’s life. Recorded vocals, Shana Adams.           

8.            Dear Dad –
Dance & documentary film choreographed and produced by Melissa Pihos. Melissa writes: This piece documents and expresses my shifting relationship with my father in his journey through Alzheimer’s.

9.             The Space Between  – Improvised movement narrative and costume by Jody                        Cassell. Accompaniment by Jude Casseday.

10.            My First Imaginary Dance – Conceived and performed by Idelle Packer.

 Idelle writes: I dedicate this piece to the memory of my teacher and colleague, Remy Charlip, who taught so well the Art of Making Things Up and created  Imaginary Dances as part of his prolific repertoire, and to my first teacher, Anne Packer, my mother, who passed away this past February. Today is her birthday.


Biosketches (in order of appearance)

Jude Casseday (sound artist/musician) creates original sound pieces and music for film, art events and yoga classes under the name The Idiosyncratic Beats of DeJacusse. She sings and plays percussion with Kathleen Hannan, Jody Cassell, and The Full Shanti kirtan band. Samples of her work can heard on Soundcloud and Durham
Glenna Batson has danced ‘something’ most of her life alongside teaching somatic education and clinical neuroscience. She thanks Sscapes for affording her the chance to celebrate  movement. Teacher for American Dance Festival (since 1986) and the Hollins/ADF M.F.A. program (since 2006), Glenna seeks to open new pathways and possibilities in dance for seniors, people with Parkinson’s and professional dancers alike.
Jody Cassell is a Teaching Artist in Dance and dancing storyteller.  She works at the American Dance Festival community studios, elementary schools and Senior Centers and residences. Her dancing stories are for young and older as well.  Creativity is her passion.  Projects include Resolving the Disquiet with three astounding fiber artists and a video dance Walking to
Shana Adams joins this distinctive ensemble with 13 years of classically focused singing and an infinite love of music. She has appeared with the Greensboro Opera Company, various choirs, and musical groups, most recently the Mobile City Band.  She enjoys collaborative opportunities such as this to share, create, explore and communicate art that is inspirational and healing.
Leah Wilks is a Durham-based professional dancer, teacher and choreographer, currently on faculty at the American Dance Festival, 9th St. Dance, Studio A, and Carolina Friends School. Leah collaborates with a phenomenal group under the guise LeahWilksDance (check out their most recent project at and choreographs for a variety of other concert dance, film and theater collaborations around the Triangle.
Tony Johnson, choreographer and liturgical dancer, has moved mountains in his life through his faith and dance. Johnson began a serious pursuit of dance at age 16, studying a wide array of styles. Johnson’s journey in faith emerged through the dark tragedy of losing many friends to the disease of AIDS and the September 11th tragedy. Formerly associated with the Wesley Seminary in Washington, DC, Tony works with dancers at American Dance Festival Community Studios.
Melissa Pihos has been dancing for over 25 years. While pursuing her MFA in Choreography at UNC Greensboro, she created “PIHOS: A Moving Biography,” a dance/video production that focuses on many aspects of the life of her father, Pro Football Hall of Famer Pete Pihos and his fight with Alzheimer’s disease. She also created “Dear Dad,” an award-winning short documentary about how Alzheimer’s shifted her relationship with her father.
Idelle Packer, MS, PT, mAmSAT, certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, physical therapist and contact dancer who has been playfully exploring the broad application of all of her work for over 30 years. She currently is part of the newly founded Somatic Arts Collective of Asheville, NC, teaching and performing by bridging somatic disciplines to artistic expression. 

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